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  Located on the rooftop of the Mısır Apartment which is historic, 360 Istanbul has a panoramic view over the roofs of İstiklal, and towards the Bosphorus below Tophane hence its name Although it is open from 11am and provides lunch, it is principally a nighttime hot spot. Very popular restaurant and venue, it attracts club cabaret acts and club stars of yesteryear as well as resident DJs from international names on the club scene, such as Ministry of Sound. Every now and then it pulls in some fantastic live acts, and even when there isn't somebody famous on stage there is a good chance they will be sipping on 360 Istanbul's special cocktails in the crowd.
  Besides kitschy cocktails, 360 Istanbul has its wide wine list in recent years and now offers an impressive selection of wines from all over Turkey, such as Cabernet Sauvignons from resort destinations as Izmir, Çanakkale, and the Aegean, but also from further flung places on the Turkish mainland, such as Diyarbakır's boğazkere grape wines and brut champagne from Capadoccia. Favorite international wines from France, South Africa and Australia also feature prominently.
It's open for lunch or dinner, and boasting a restaurant outfit besides just a bar menu, 360 Istanbul offers Turkish meze and playful twists on Turkish kitchen, often creating a coloful fusion affair. The menu also features a lot of fish and European staples such as beef carpaccio, variant starters and pizza and main dishes.
360 istanbul offers also fantastic New Year's eve party every year. People enjoys the meeting New year in the club 360 istanbul in a pleasure. You can book from here

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