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Reina Club New year's eve party

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Reservations Until:12/31/2018 17:00
Starts on:01/01/2019 02:00
Ends on:01/01/2019 11:00



  if you want to spend a memorable New years eve party and if you have enought budget that club will make your new years eve as a Dream. All Turkish high society is spending their New years eve and also weekends in this club. Sure you will never forgot that night which you spend in Reina Night Club

Reina club New years eve party covers

   Reina New years eve party with dinner, This option is starting at 20:00 pm and till morning 04:00 am dinner, and export, imports cruise satisfaction guarantee 42c12drinks unlimited. There is %10 service charge on the prices


   Reina Club Only, Reina Night Club offers you only Club facilities for new years eve Party from 23:00 pm till morning 04:00 am unlimited import and export drinks.


   Transportation to Club, Club doesnt offer any pick up and drop of services. Guests goes to the reina club by their own facilities or you can rent a private cat with driver



    Dinner from   20:00 pm - till 23:00 pm   
    Change to Club  at   23:00 pm                 
    Club Time from  23:00pm till 05:00 pm
    Venue             :        Reina club istanbul

Reina Clun New years eve party

New Years Eve Dinner Menu


Notes from REINA CLUB

  • Dress smart casual
  • Please dont come drunk
  • 2 Females or Couple expected
  • When you use taxies be carefull
  • We recomend you private car with driver
  • %10 service charge will be paid cash at entrance

Please Book your Accommodation in istanbul



  • New years eve Dinner and Drinks ( Dinner is only for dinner package bookers)
  • Unlimited import and Export drinks
  • Live music and Dance


More about REINA CLUB


Below You can find more about Reina Night Club. The New Years Eve Party can be booked by our company eventbookingturkey.com and it is operated by Reina Night Club. Only Club Reina has right to change the program & Menu

Reina, entertaining its guests at the most wonderful point of the city with a shining panorama of İstanbul facing the opposite side, along with a magnificent Bridge over the Bosphorus. Reina opens it’s doors at 6.00 pm and restaurants start serving at 7.00 pm. Club renders service between 10.00 pm to 5.00 am.

Reina; bringing together the most popular restaurants of İstanbul such as Park Şamdan, Köşebaşı, Dragon, Itsumi, Blue Topaz and Reina Restaurant together; aims to be the choice of gourmet diners continuously.

Reina, which has not made any concession of quality and style for nine years, continues to be of escalating value to SU Entertainment Group with its customer-oriented point of view, excellent service manner and innovations.

 If you have any question  please dont hesitate ask from us from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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